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The movie has what is shaping up to be a good plot and OMG YOU ACTUALLY KNOW ENGLISH. My only problem is the text - if you are going to have timed text boxes, you need to have spoken lines because otherwise you have them too long or too short depending on how fast the person reads. Please add buttons or speaking parts to the sequel.


You're taking Moore's words and putting a meaning behind them that doesn't exist.

He could have made all that money in Canada, Britain, Japan, anywhere else- he did it in America because it's where he happened to be.

Jesus Christ, don't attack him for trying to improve his home. Americans are, after all, dumbasses.

This from LF?

Oh, c'mon Joe. You can do better than this. The script was awful, that voice was awful, it's TEE-FAH, not TIH-FAH, and it just wasn't funny.

Plus, your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are atrocious. Read a grammar book before you write the subtitles.

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Really good, until...

..that first boss. I got half my life cut off when he didn't even swing. That was messed up.

Fix the boss of first level. Otherwise, great game.

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Too hard.

OMG dude, killed in one hit? This game is too fucking hard. I didn't even get more than about 3 screen-scrolls away before I died too much!


Way too hard.

I can't even gte past the first little kid without him leaping on me and killing me. Adjustable difficulties would be nice.

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